Arc De Triomphe, overlooking Paris [14 Sept. 2014]

Journal of a wannabe (software developer, musician, and traveller) in a vast and lonely world. This blog contains pictures (of drum kits and travels), and ramblings jotted down here and there. It's also meant to be some sort of an experimental zone - ( testing CSS / JS / Ruby etc.) so if there's anything wonky - don't worry about it, I made it wonky.



ChristChurch London [6 Dec. 2015]

8.30am - just about ready to start rehearsals.

I like to think that the Dark Crash is the Potassium cymbal, for obvious reasons (right most cymbal). Its official name is the Zildjian Custom Dark Crash (18'), and it's the best of the bunch shown here. It's always surreal playing behind a (partly constructed) drum cage, you get to hear every single stroke you play - but good luck trying to listen to the band.

The feeling you get once you get into the zone of just playing your heart out is one of my biggest reasons to continue playing music. I can only describe it as a 'musician's high' - it's when the band plays as one: you get to anticipate what the bassist is going to do next; you get to know whether to do some badass fill-in without interrupting the bassist (never ever cross lines with the bassist); and most importantly, you know when you should not play.


Seven Sister Country Park [23 Aug. 2014]

1 hour from London to Brighton, 1 hour from Brighton to Seven Sisters. Worth it? Worth it. Spent half a day trekking and gallivanting across hills riddled with sheep feces, and played at the Arcade for the rest of the time. These white cliffs ain't no cliffs of Dover - but it'll do. There are actually seven of these cliffs side by side, and if you do traverse all of them in one day you'll be rewarded for your amazing feat with a view of a lighthouse! Note that we weren't even close to being bothered to go through the rest of the six cliffs - (traits of programmers == traits of lazy people!?).

Brighton was peaceful... far too peaceful. Granted, the fish delicacies here are fantastic, and who would have thought that a Sultan would establish his palace here of all places? Four things to do in Brighton: eat, arcade, pavilion, eat again.